Phil grew up around radio, his dad began volunteering at KNIS in Carson City, Nevada in the late 70’s.  He has fond memories of sitting late into the night in a quiet studio watching his dad spin records and talk into the night.  When most children were dreaming of being firefighters Phil was sitting in front of his record player announcing the next song to his audience of one.  This began his love affair with music.  In college Phil pursued broadcasting and Bible, leaving Northwestern College in Saint Paul, Minnesota with a bachelors in Biblical Studies and a wife.  Phil would pursue a career in restaurant management for the next few years before moving his family to Colorado where his love of film gave him a new dream.   After spending the summer in Michigan learning film and video at the Compass Arts Academy, Phil traveled to South Carolina where he got his first taste of Hollywood, interning on a BMW making of set.  Over the next few years Phil would freelance as a camera operator, production assistant, director, producer, or whatever would give him the experience he wanted.  Through it all he has held onto his roots, trusting that whatever comes next God will be there already preparing what it is that he is to do.  

Psalm 23:1 “The Lord is My Shepherd, I shall not want.”