Singer and songwriter Jim Anthony was born and brought up in the working class town of Albert Lea, in southern Minnesota. Jim has remained true to his hometown roots and through his music he lends his voice to the often forgotten middle class heroes that make this world go around. This down to earth genuineness comes through in Jim's singing, playing, and songwriting. Jim likes his music delivered from the heart, uncanned and uncloned. The desire to remain true to his beliefs, values and music is a focal point for Jim. He has no desire to sound like everybody else or be processed and packed into a product like so many momentary bands and fleeting artists have been in the past. He is far more interested in honesty and longevity. What clearly defines Jim Anthony - aside from his musicianship, songwriting skills, and polished sound - is his soulful message; its one of hope, encouragement, and truth. The honest and heartfelt lyrics speak of life experiences that we can all identify with.